For Sale: Andreyale 12m

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Port Bow 1

Port Bow 2

Eloise in Ill de Re, France, awaiting shipping 2003

Starboard Underway

Port Quarter


Swim Platform


Star Bow

Topside Aft 1

Topside Aft 2

Topside Aft 3

Topside Aft 4

Topside Aft 5

Topside Forward 1

Topside Forward 2

Topside Forward 3

Topside Galley View

Below V berth

Galley 1

Galley 2

Galley 3

Whale 1

Whale 2

Cape Cod

“The Andreyale40, which is one of four powerboats and three sailboats in the Latitude 46 line manufactured in Ill de Re (France), has a moderate-V forward that levels to five degrees at the transom. The semi-displacement hull is made of hand laid-up fiberglass, as is the deck, and its plumb bow and slight flare are built to shoulder through heavy coastal seas…

The real triumph of the 40 is its high level of fit and finish. Starting topside, there are teak soles, varnished mahogany coamings and cabin sides, and chrome-plated engine air intakes. The engines are under electric hatches beneath the twin mahogany-backed console chairs. Inside, the 40 features more mahogany, plus 10 beveled safety-glass windows. I don’t know about you, but I hate interiors that are stuffy and dark. No worries about that here.“

Motor Boating magazine Dec 2003

Eloise is a luxury fuel efficient cruiser of custom modern construction and vintage elegance. She is offered for sale at 375K.

Please contact Tim or Lynda for additional information and pricing

(859) 361-6835

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